171 Consciousness with Jono Zalay

We brought back one of our favorite guests to discuss Consciousness. Jono Zalay, a Dr. of Neuroscience and funny comedian, stopped by the hatch to help shed some light on just what consciousness is. How are we processing the world? Are we really here? How are our minds able to perceive the world? Where do we go when we sleep? And are you a lollyfarter? Find out all of this at earwolf.com

170 Aging and Immortality with Eric Kane

Do you want to live forever? Does anything do that? How can we copy them, if so? We invited in UNC Charlotte PhD candidate Eric Kane to lend his expertise in how we can all extend our lives indefinitely ...if we so choose. Join us at earwolf.com

169 Online Dating with Marty Yu

People are trying to meet the right one, but how do you go about it? Do you head out to the bars every night? What about trying to use a mathematical algorithm that could help narrow down the search? We wanted to know more about this, so we invited Marty Yu into the hatch (he had called in on his previous episode) to talk about this and shows we liked as kids. Catch it now at earwolf.com

168 Music Business with Jim Roach

When people think about the music business, they mostly think about the record labels crumbling and how everything is moving to a digital format. But are there still ways to make money? Can bands find success without "selling out"? We invited Jim Roach, who produced Kyle's Christmas record, to discuss all of this and also help us hone our DJ skills. Listen now at earwolf.com

167 Personality with Julia Farrell

What type of personality do you have? Is it the perfect personality? We wanted to find out what types we had, so we invited Julia Farrell into the hatch to discuss the Meyers-Briggs test as well as her own thoughts on what makes up someone's personality. Found out who you are at earwolf.com

166 Fandom with the Sklar Brothers

Are you a fan of things? Of this podcast? What if you met the things you were a fan of, and they were horrible? Is it better to never meet them? Why do we become fans? We tackle all of this and more with the triumphant return of the Sklar Brothers to the hatch. Hear their tales of fandom both good and bad at earwolf.com