197 Narcissism With Greg Behrendt

This week we invited comedian, rocker, and author Greg Behrendt into the hatch to discuss his life, career, and what it means to think about yourself. How much is healthy? When is it a problem? How do you manage it, and is it always a bad thing? Join us as we talk about narcissism at earwolf.com

196 Addiction with Sean Jordan

We were all so saddened and confused by the loss of Harris Wittels. Addiction is something that so many people struggle with, but what exactly is it? How can we fight it so that we can keep our friends safe and healthy? We thought that talking about it might a good first step, and we invited Portland comedian Sean Jordan into the hatch to discuss drinking, his father, and beef chickens. Listen now at earwolf.com

195 Catching Up

For the first time in six months, we're all back in the hatch at the same time. What will we talk about? Have a listen and find out as we catch up with each other about travels, careers, relationships, health, and more. You can hear it all at earwolf.com

194 Siblings with Stephanie Allynne

Tig's back in the final solo episode as Stephanie Allyne joins her in the hatch again to talk about their experiences at Sundance Film Festival. Then, the rest of the Large siblings join them to talk about their academic background, sibling rivalry, and Tig discusses meeting her brother. Listen to it at earwolf.com

192 Dystopia with Juan Montoya

Another round of solos kicks off with David in the hatch chatting with Juan Montoya who lives in Kyoto Japan. Juan is a PhD student studying Technology Management, and the discussion moves from comedy and podcasts to technology and human evolution. Will we all eventually be fused with technology? Will there be brain implant chips available? Would you get one? Listen to Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 at earwolf.com