217 New Beginnings

Well Blastronauts, it has been a very enjoyable ride. A little over four years ago we stumbled down into a hatch and discovered a very unique world. Recording conversations and sending them out into the world once a week has been such a tremendous experience, and we have been so thankful to share it with you. But as is always the case, change is inevitable, and it seemed like a change was necessary for all of us. So, it's with very heavy hearts that we have decided to exit the hatch and explore what is next for all of us. This isn't something that we do without regard to your feelings. You have been a part of our lives as much as we have been a part of yours, and we hope you will always look back on this time fondly. The Cool Beers, the Happy Birthday Dans, the Swamp Rock - we will miss all of it. To everyone who helped us over the years, all of the guests, the artists, the people who made things and sent them to us, the engineers and everyone at Earwolf, thank you. And if you were patiently waiting in line to be on the show, we apologize. 

We hope you'll keep up with us as we venture off to new ground. It won't be the same not being able to visit your ears every week, but if you get lonely, you can always listen back through the archive. And for one final time, you can hear us chat about this decision at earwolf.com

We love you,


216 Optogenetics with Jeff MacInnes

What if technology could fix our brains? How would we experiment on that? With mice, chimps, or criminals? Would the end justify the means? If you knew you could insert a tiny wire into your brain and have it operate exactly how you'd like, would you do it? Luckily for us, recent PhD Jeff MacInnes was on a road trip through California, and he stopped in to share some information. Listen at earwolf.com

215 Loneliness with Sarah Ruth

What does it mean to be a loner? How do you handle being alone with yourself? A lot of people think of themselves as loners, and we had touring musician Sarah Ruth drop by the hatch to discuss her life as a loner. After losing both of her parents, and her imaginary friend, hear how she finds ways to spend quality time with herself. Listen at earwolf.com

214 Time

What is time? How do you define it? We asked Blastronauts on twitter, and we received lots of answers. Did yours get chosen? Did we have time? That period of time was captured and recorded, and now you can spend that same time with us whenever it fits your schedule. Share our time at earwolf.com

213 Identity pt. 2

We continue our discussion from last week about Identity, what makes us who we are, how people perceive the real you, and how you see the real you. Listen at earwolf.com

212 Identity

Who are you? How do you know you are you? What makes you who you are? Is there someone else underneath that exterior who is wildly different than the 'you' people perceive? We talk about this as well as Tig's health, Christ High, Kyle's upcoming pose-down, and more on this week's episode. Listen at earwolf.com