166 Fandom with the Sklar Brothers

Are you a fan of things? Of this podcast? What if you met the things you were a fan of, and they were horrible? Is it better to never meet them? Why do we become fans? We tackle all of this and more with the triumphant return of the Sklar Brothers to the hatch. Hear their tales of fandom both good and bad at earwolf.com

165 World Travel with Adrian Todd Zuniga

Our old pal Adrian Todd Zuniga returns to the hatch to discuss traveling around the world. What are the best cities? How do you avoid jet lag? Why is travel appealing? Will he ever find love? And mostly, has he gotten any better at thinking top shelf thoughts? Find out now at earwolf.com

164 Writing Vol. 2 with Diablo Cody

What is good writing? Are good writers just born with it? Or does it take hours and hours of practice? We invited Academy Award winner Diablo Cody into the hatch to shed some light on her process. Grab your food purse, pack your lil' suitcase, and join as at earwolf.com

163 Planning with Andy Wood

Do you have trouble getting plans together? Do you follow through with them? How do you even start to plan something, especially if it is something that seems enormous? We brought in our friend and comedian Andy Wood, the co-founder of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, to talk about how he goes about undertaking something as large as that. Get your google docs ready. Plan for it, and listen at earwolf.com

162 Catching Up

This week we wanted to find out what everyone is up to. How is Kyle's food purse? Is Tig still walking on air? What is David up to? We get down to the bottom of this and also weigh in on kickstarter and some other musings. Catch up with us now at earwolf.com

161 Cults with Leslie Wilson

What is the difference between a Cult and a Religion? What is a cult? How do you get into one? How do you start one? what is the appeal of them? And how do you get out of one? We wanted to know all of this and do some arm wrestling, so we invited Leslie Wilson into the hatch to talk about her experience as a Jehovah's Witness. Hear it at earwolf.com