186 Science Communication

Crystal Dilworth, now a PhD since her last visit to the hatch, stops by to tell us a little bit about her new career. We learn about new methods of breast cancer surgery and how science is being shown to the world to make it less intimidating to the average person. Join us at earwolf.com

185 Spirituality with Josh Radnor

Our old pal Josh Radnor is in the hatch to talk about Spirituality. What exactly is that? How do you describe it? Is it necessary for everyone to have some sort of spirituality? Does it bother you when people refer to themselves as spiritual? We wanted to get down to the bottom of all of these questions, and Josh was the perfect person to ask. Join in at earwolf.com

184 The Email Episode

We've talked about doing it for quite a while, so we finally tried to catch up on listener emails. It ended up becoming a little boring, so we spiraled off into a discussion about boredom. What is boredom? How do you combat it? If you are bored at work, join us for the this intimate chat with no guest. Maybe we'll even read your email. earwolf.com

183 Breakups with Marc Maron

There is nothing fun about going through a Breakup. But is there anything good about them? Are some people destined to never find long-lasting love? Who knows, but we invited WTF host Marc Maron into the hatch to talk about love, the end of love, and various other things. Join us at earwolf.com

182 Fantasy Baseball with Jimmy Pardo

Is Fantasy Baseball interesting to you? Well, then this episode might not be for you. We invite Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo into the hatch to talk about how to create line-ups, what's exciting about it, how does math play into having the best roster - and he would have none of it. But we did have a thoroughly engaging conversation about phobias, music, dinner parties, and anything else that happened to come up. It's a real ride. Join us at earwolf.com

181 Events with Mark Flanagan

How do you go about starting a successful show? What about one of the most popular venues in one of the biggest cities in the world? In order to find the answers to this, we invited the wonderful Mark Flanagan into the hatch to tell us about Largo, home of Tig's infamous comedy set in 2012. Listen at earwolf.com