204 Nannying with Ryan Cownie

Austin comedian Ryan Cownie dropped by the hatch to talk about what it's like to look after other people's children. Would you hire a nanny? Where would you hide the nanny cam? How much do nannies get paid? What should you look for when hiring one? We asked Ryan all of this and more. Hear the answers at earwolf.com

203 Trauma with Whitney Cummings

How do past traumas effect your life? Can you always be aware of them, or do they attach themselves to your subconscious? And once you do pinpoint them, how do you go about getting through them? We wanted to know more about this, so we invited comedian Whitney Cummings into the hatch to discuss EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy, and various other ways to achieve a healthy mental state. Join us as earwolf.com

202 Pickup Artist with Ross Jeffries

What are your perceptions of pickup artists? Do you have game? What is game? Is there an art to it? Or a science? Well, we were curious about these things, so we invited renowned pickup artist Ross Jeffries into hatch to talk about all of this. He lets us in on some techniques, but mostly he talks about the healing of the individual who might want to feel a connection with someone. It's a different perspective of the world of the pickup artist. Listen now at earwolf.com

201 Dog rescue with Rebecca Corry

We talk about Tig's birthday and her gig hosting the GLAAD Awards. Then, Rebecca Corry from One Big Happy joins us in the hatch to talk about the new show, working with Ellen, being petite, and her foundation Stand Up for Pits, dedicated to helping and protecting pit bulls. Listen at earwolf.com

200 Advice with Molly Ringwald

We've mentioned it for weeks, and now it has finally happened -- our guest in the hatch this week is Molly Ringwald! Molly writes an advice column for The Guardian, sings in a jazz band, and still finds time to be your lifelong crush. Join us in the hatch for our 200th episode as we chat with one of our favorite people about hyphens, advice, pizza, love, and so much more. It's Molly Ringwald Day on Professor Blastoff. Listen Here.

199 OCD with Cy Amundson

Most people think OCD is a disorder that makes you check doorknobs over and over and organize everything meticulously, but what is it really? We wanted to know, so we invited our friend and comedian Cy Amundson into the hatch to talk about what it's like to live with OCD. We discuss the root of it, what the symptoms are, how to control them, and lots of other things. Join in at earwolf.com