177 Foster Parenting with Kristina Goolsby

Do you know much about being a foster parent? Other than Punky Brewster, what are the ways a child can come into your care? Do you have to be certified? Do you get to pick and choose which child you want? We invited our pal Kristina Goolsby into the hatch to discuss the process her and her partner underwent to care for a child. It's riveting and emotional and informative. Join us in the hatch at earwolf.com

176 Action Movies with Aisha Tyler

What makes a great action movie? Is it the chase scenes? The fights? The explosions? We don't really know the answers to this, but luckily for us, our friend Aisha Tyler does. You know her from almost every show on TV, but you might not know what an action movie expert she is. Learn about her childhood and find out why Action Movies are an art form on this episode at earwolf.com

175 Reality TV with Lauren Lapkus

Isn't reality TV the worst? Lauren Lapkus, from Orange is the New Black, would disagree. What is the point of Reality TV? Is there anything redeemable about it? Or is it much deeper and more profound than people give it credit for? Can "Married at First Sight" be anything more than a guilty pleasure? Perhaps it's a social commentary. Find out where you stand on these important matters at earwolf.com

174 Development with Katie Krentz

How do you develop a television show? Is it anything like how life develops you into who you are? Or is that just genetics? Or nurture? Or none of the above? We invite our good friend and development executive at Cartoon Network, Katie Krentz, into the hatch to talk all about this and her upcoming wedding. Plus an impression-off. Listen at earwolf.com

David's Kickstarter

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173 Austism on the Playground with Mark Kretzmann

We have discussed Autism before, but there are so many aspects to it, we decided to bring Mark Kretzmann, who is pursuing a PhD at UCLA, into the hatch to discuss research being done with children in social settings. How do kids with autism integrate into the group? Are there methods or procedures we can teach kids? Or do we just have to hope that they are nice? Find out all of this and a lot more about autism at earwolf.com