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173 Austism on the Playground with Mark Kretzmann

We have discussed Autism before, but there are so many aspects to it, we decided to bring Mark Kretzmann, who is pursuing a PhD at UCLA, into the hatch to discuss research being done with children in social settings. How do kids with autism integrate into the group? Are there methods or procedures we can teach kids? Or do we just have to hope that they are nice? Find out all of this and a lot more about autism at earwolf.com

172 Conspiracies with Bill Burr

This week we invited Bill Burr into the hatch, and we talked about all kinds of things - including Conspiracies. What are conspiracies? Who starts them? Is it healthy to try to get to the bottom of them? Or is it better to just talk about music? Find out at earwolf.com

What everyone is up to...

Kyle is getting ready to head back to NYC to write for the next season of the Emmy nominated Amy Schumer Show.

Tig is embarking on her big fall tour. Follow her and go see a show here.

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171 Consciousness with Jono Zalay

We brought back one of our favorite guests to discuss Consciousness. Jono Zalay, a Dr. of Neuroscience and funny comedian, stopped by the hatch to help shed some light on just what consciousness is. How are we processing the world? Are we really here? How are our minds able to perceive the world? Where do we go when we sleep? And are you a lollyfarter? Find out all of this at earwolf.com

170 Aging and Immortality with Eric Kane

Do you want to live forever? Does anything do that? How can we copy them, if so? We invited in UNC Charlotte PhD candidate Eric Kane to lend his expertise in how we can all extend our lives indefinitely ...if we so choose. Join us at earwolf.com