208 Renewable Energy with Rhys Forgie

A lot of Blastronauts contact us when they have a trip bringing them through town, but our schedules rarely work out to their advantage. However, this time Rhys Forgie, a chemical engineer from Philadelphia who works for Lockheed-Martin, was able to swing by the hatch and talk about Renewable Energy. How does the future look? Do we have enough energy and options to sustain life? And for how long? And who are the water people? Find out all of this at earwolf.com

207 Modeling with Maria Tornberg

From Super Troopers, it's Maria Tornberg in the hatch. Hear her story of how she ended up going from Sweden to Paris to New York, and all around the world in between. How did her modeling career begin? What does it take to be a model? And how did it lead her into becoming an actress, photographer, writer, and director. Listen now at earwolf.com

206 Micro-budget Filmmaking with Robbie Pickering

micro budget film.jpg

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? What if you have a very limited budget? Is it still possible to make something cool? We invited the director of 'Natural Selection' into the hatch to talk about how he made such a great movie without having a billion dollars. If you've ever had a project or idea that seemed too big to undertake, give this episode a listen at earwolf.com 

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205 Transgender pt. 2 with Ian Harvie

In our second installment of Transgender, we invite comedian Ian into the hatch to talk about what it is like to be born in the wrong gender. How did his parents take it? What are his relationships like? And do you remember Barry Manilow? Listen now at earwolf.com

204 Nannying with Ryan Cownie

Austin comedian Ryan Cownie dropped by the hatch to talk about what it's like to look after other people's children. Would you hire a nanny? Where would you hide the nanny cam? How much do nannies get paid? What should you look for when hiring one? We asked Ryan all of this and more. Hear the answers at earwolf.com

203 Trauma with Whitney Cummings

How do past traumas effect your life? Can you always be aware of them, or do they attach themselves to your subconscious? And once you do pinpoint them, how do you go about getting through them? We wanted to know more about this, so we invited comedian Whitney Cummings into the hatch to discuss EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy, and various other ways to achieve a healthy mental state. Join us as earwolf.com