192 Dystopia with Juan Montoya

Another round of solos kicks off with David in the hatch chatting with Juan Montoya who lives in Kyoto Japan. Juan is a PhD student studying Technology Management, and the discussion moves from comedy and podcasts to technology and human evolution. Will we all eventually be fused with technology? Will there be brain implant chips available? Would you get one? Listen to Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 at earwolf.com 

191 Kyle and his Mother

It's Kyle's turn for a solo in the hatch, and he brings his mother along for the ride. She gives life advice, answers questions, attempts the body rap, and muses about marriage and makeup for this special episode. Listen at earwolf.com

190 Tig's Love Life Update Stephanie Allynne

The run of solo episodes to kick off 2015 continues. Tig starts off her solo episode with a recap of her tour, including her medical scare. Then, the wonderful Stephanie Allynne joins Tig to discuss the progression of their relationship, holidays, adventures in Amsterdam, their new house, Sundance, and their future together. Hear it at earwolf.com

189 Canada with Jon Dore and Eddie Della Siepe

2015 starts with a solo episode from David. He recaps 2014, tries to communicate with the professor via Morse code, and sums up the Serial podcast. Then he welcomes in guests Jon Dore and Eddie Della Siepe, both from The Great White North. What do you know about Canada? Do they all wear flannel? Are they too nice? Are they boring? Do they allow any rats in Alberta? And who is Stompin' Tom? We find out the answers to all of these things at earwolf.com

188 Computational Science with Jon Rood

Computing is getting more and more massive. But how do we analyze all the data we find? What is the purpose of studying things like the weather and compiling decades of data? We have no idea, but we wanted to know, so we invited in PhD Jon Rood from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to talk about Supercomputing. Is the world we live in just one big simulation? Will we have quantum computers soon? And how did Tig help Jon with his relationship. Find out all of this at earwolf.com

187 Burning Man with Moshe Kasher

You've probably heard all about the Burning Man Festival every year, but what do you really know about it? Do they all get naked and do a bunch of drugs out in the desert? It is a religious experience? Is it just a big party? We brought in Moshe Kasher, who has been to the festival over ten times, to give us the inside scoop. Listen in at earwolf.com