214 Time

What is time? How do you define it? We asked Blastronauts on twitter, and we received lots of answers. Did yours get chosen? Did we have time? That period of time was captured and recorded, and now you can spend that same time with us whenever it fits your schedule. Share our time at earwolf.com

213 Identity pt. 2

We continue our discussion from last week about Identity, what makes us who we are, how people perceive the real you, and how you see the real you. Listen at earwolf.com

212 Identity

Who are you? How do you know you are you? What makes you who you are? Is there someone else underneath that exterior who is wildly different than the 'you' people perceive? We talk about this as well as Tig's health, Christ High, Kyle's upcoming pose-down, and more on this week's episode. Listen at earwolf.com

211 Flatulence with Margee Magee

It was bound to happen. We talk about farting enough, and it's time that we got some information on flatulence. Where does it come from? How many times per day is normal? Why is it always funny? We invited in Muppets writer Margee Magee to talk with us about all of these important questions. Listen at earwolf.com

210 Anticipation

This week Tig is preparing for her HBO special taping, Kyle is heading to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, and David is alone in a make-shift hatch. Recorded over five days, this episode follows Kyle as he drives toward the tournament, plays in it, and the aftermath. Mother calls in twice to keep Kyle up to speed on some unseemly messages she's been receiving. Listen at earwolf.com

And please welcome our new artist, Ronan Lynam. This week's piece is his first contribution, and we really like it. 

Want to be the new PB Artist?

After 144 fantastic pieces of art to go along with each topic that week discuss, Jacob Sanders is passing along the torch that he was handed from Andie Main. Would you like to be the next in line? This is a non-paying position, and it's usually pretty thankless. You might not find out the topic of the episode until the night before, and even then sometimes it's wrong or gets changed at the last minute. But you'll get to display your work on our site, we will promote your work, and you might get free Blastoff stuff as well.

If you are interested, email us at professorblastoff[at]earwolf.com with some work. If say next week's episode was titled "Photosynthesis" -- what would you send us? We will look for submissions that are in by Friday May 29th and that also fit the style of the show. So, send us your work if you would like to be considered for this position. If it's a toss-up, we may share the work on twitter to get listener input. Thanks!