152 Screenprinting with Dave Kloc

If you're a music fan, or you've ever been to a live event and seen merchandise for sale afterward and thought. "I wonder how they did that." ...it was probably screenprinted. We wanted to know more about this process, and culture, so we invited in our fantastic artist friend Dave Kloc to tell us all about it. Dave does the weekly posters for the Meltdown show in Los Angeles and their upcoming TV show. And his website has lots of his stuff. Go check it out. And then go listen to the episode at earwolf.com

151 The gang gets Interviewed by the Fire Theft Project

The hatch is operated in a different way this week as we turn the show over to previous guests Corey Beilstein and Rob Cherry from the Fire Theft Project to act as hosts for the day. They asked us about the science of creativity and humor ...which we knew almost nothing about. We also talk about parenthood, Tig's love updates, and Old Seinfeld makes an appearance. Aaron is also in the hatch. Is he back from Utah? No, this was just recorded prior to his exit. But if you missed him, here's a chance to hear his voice one more time. Catch it now at earwolf.com

150 Heart Health with Penelope Lombard

A bit of a sesquicentennial as we reach our 150th episode, and we're talking about Heart Health with our friend Penelope Lombard. Recently outfitted with a pacemaker, she is an excellent source on what to do to maintain a strong and healthy heart. How can you keep your heart in good shape? What should you eat? Will turtles help? Find out all of this at earwolf.com

149 Screenwriting with Josh Radnor

Screenwriting is a loose term used to define this episode. Josh Radnor is an interesting guy, and he was very patient in dealing with our tangents (mostly Kyle) as we bounce around from topic to topic. Among them, we discussed some of his future projects after 'How I met Your Mother', his previous films (Happy Thank You More Please, and Liberal Arts), and Tootsie. Which former president does Tootsie sound like? Hear all of this at earwolf.com

148 Adoption with Peter Spruyt

Adoption can be a sensitive subject, but we wanted to know more about it. For so many people, it's the only option for having children. What are some things to consider before adopting? Like how much will it cost? What steps do you need to go through ahead of time? And at what age do you want to tell your child, if ever. We invited in writer and comedian Peter Spruyt to help us understand the process more. Hear it now at earwolf.com

147 Empathy with Leslie Spann

Do you care for people? Do you feel what they feel? How can you describe empathy? Is it different than sympathy? We invited Tig's childhood friend, and expert empathizer, Leslie Spann into the hatch to discuss what it means to feel other people's pain, to relate to them, and to forgive them for committing terrible acts. And Kyle and Leslie take sex pills. Listen now at earwolf.com